MTA Reform

The MTA is the backbone that allows NYC to work. Yet, despite it being an integral part of many New Yorker’s lives, service has been rapidly deteriorating. State officials waited until consumer complaints grew so bad that they needed to act or face massive consumer backlash. The response: empty promises of money and improvements that will take decades to see the light of day.

We deserve better. In Albany I will make sure the MTA receives the money it needs to function while fighting to eliminate waste and inefficiency in the agency. There is no way new subway lines should be constructed at 3 times the global standard price. Someone needs to be held accountable and the bureaucracy needs to be challenged.

In Albany I will call for the implementation of the modern Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) to be fully implemented by 2030, compared to the current snail pace 2050 estimate, as well as an investment in new train cars, cleaner stations, and prompt rollout of the system to replace the metrocard, modernizing the payment platform.